Top Honors


Willis Knighton Health Systems
The Demoiselle Club, Inc.
Abbott Pharmaceuticals
Praxair, Inc.
The Beaird Foundation
The Galloway Family
The Goldsberry Family
The Pressly Family
De Leon Law Firm
Shreveport Medical Society
Walmart Stores, Inc.
The Bergeron Family
Dr. and Mrs. H. Ryan Bicknell, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Broadwell
Mrs. Edith Geurin
The Jackson Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Denman Long
The Lowe Family
Murphy Payne Charitable Trust
Dr. and Mrs. James Sikes, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Lacy Williams

ROY G. BIV Giving


Mr. William Jefferson Cole
GAP, Inc.
Kappa Alpha Order
Dr. J. Houston Bosley III
C.E. Byrd Key Club
Linda Goldsberry
A.J. Gregory, Jr.

Dr. Scott Bicknell
Dr. Dayne Hassell
Keachi Heritage Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Poindexter
Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Rozeman
Mr. and Mrs. Randal Scoggin
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hernandez
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Hiller
Marguerite Loftin
Louisiana Neurological Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McCutcheon
Ms. Carol Mills
Dr. Paula Morris
Ms. Carolyn Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Nix
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Q Peterson
Ms. Kim Rowlands
Dr. and Mrs. Ben Singletary
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Craig Springmeyer
Dr. Edwin Westmoreland
Mrs. Mary Margaret Weston
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Whitehurst
Best Electric, Inc.
Ms. Gretchen Crow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Garrett
Dr. William Hall
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Homza
Mr. Robert Hunter Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Ricky Jones
Mrs. Bambi Lee
Mr. John Luster
Mr. and Mrs. James McCain
Ms. June Anderson Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moffatt
Ms. Mary Margaret Richard
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Selber
Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Stroud
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steward
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Talbot
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Touchstone
Keri White
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Whited

Brenner Holdings LP
Ms. Betty Paula Bigner
Mr. Eugene Bryant
Karen and Eugenie Bryant
Shelby Guilbert
Ms. Christina Loredo
Mrs. Margaret Love
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Nierman
Mrs. Celeste Wedgeworth
Mrs. Keri White

In-Kind Donations
The Herring Law Firm
Mason Herring
Houston, Texas
Online Collaboration Capabilities

Susan Clot de Broissia, Computer Programming

Our sincere thanks goes out to each of these generous sponsors. Whether a Corporate Sponsor, In-Kind Donor or a Participant in one of our fundraising efforts, your gift matters. The dedication you show to children with arthritis is felt by each one of our participants. Thank you for your unyielding thoughtfulness and support. You make our dreams a reality!

With Deep Appreciation

~ The Children and Arthritis© Family